LVG careless as De Gea dropped

It would be a shame if the optimistic sheen United fans had picked up was rubbed out by the end of the opening weekend, but the chances of defensive stability just took a hit.

David de Gea was United’s player of the year last time out and was personally responsible for a bout 10 points. Without him, United would not have made the top four.

It looks careless for Louis van Gaal to announce he is dropping David de Gea on the eve of the season when everybody knew a year ago that Real Madrid, his Spanish girlfriend and a possible return home made his departure inevitable.

The excellent and available Peter Cech has turned up at Arsenal and inspired people to tip them for the title. At the time, many reds thought he would be unneeded because United had Victor Valdes.

In the meantime, Van Gaal and Valdes have fallen out spectacularly and the ones who will pay for it seem to be United’s defence. Valdes has not even been given a squad number.

Is it impossible for LVG and VV to make up and save our early season?

One can only hope.


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