Mark Payne

Mark Payne is an English author, journalist and academic whose writing attracts a worldwide following. His book ‘Fergie’s Last Stand’ is available from Amazon here. He wrote for ESPN between 2008 and 2015  and was their sole MUFC correspondent for four of those years. He has lived in a variety of countries and when in Australia in 2011, he was voted the 5th most popular blogger by the Sydney Writers’ Centre. In addition to this, he has contributed to ABC radio and worked as a pundit on FIFA TV during the 2010 World Cup.

Wider Writing & Media

Prior to this, Mark co-wrote an original pilot that reached development before becoming editor of the education and lifestyle magazine Carulife in Bangkok. Mark is trained in InDesign and has had hundreds of articles published in a variety of online and print media.


Mark is a sports marketing academic and delivers courses at the Paris School of Business to undergraduates and postgraduates. He was also a member of the writing team for UTS:Insearch’s Academic English curriculum in Sydney, Australia.

Mark is on twitter @markjpayne



Brayden May

Brayden May is a sport journalism student currently studying in Melbourne, Australia. Brayden has been a fan since his great grandfather introduced him to the team by giving him books and watching games at a young age. He has a love for all things sport and is constantly consuming himself in any sport in the media whenever he can. He dreams of graduating with his degree in sport journalism and travelling to all parts of the world to write about a variety of sports.

I have been writing professionally for ten years and it hurts me deeply to say that at present we are not able to pay anyone for contributions. What I can offer is feedback and coaching for aspiring writers and the opportunity to be part of something which is driven purely by passion and commitment.


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