This blog originally ran from the 2006/07 season and was the brainchild of my friend Oliver Lorton, who wisely suggested it over a summertime pint.

As a phlegmatic United fan, the posting was regular and within a year it had been picked up by ESPN in their old guise as Soccernet.

An archive of posts from the period of 2008-2012 still resides on the internet and is a kind of love letter to Sir Alex Ferguson’s latter years as United manager. That link again here.

ESPN expanded their service and in 2012 I welcomed the excellent Musa Okwonga as a colleague on the United blog and our coverage of that year was thorough and insightful.

At the end of the season Fergie retired. I decided to anthologise my blogs from that year into the book Fergie’s Last Stand, which is available from Amazon and has been kindly reviewed by the United fans who have read it.

That summer also saw a shift in the editorial staff at ESPN. My work as a blogger continued for the next two years but the shape of the website inevitably changed. They now prefer hit-hungry article templates such as Five things we learned or Player ratings. 

I continue to contribute to ESPN as and where I can.

In the meantime, this blog is the resurrection of the Devil in Me. But more than that, it continues the conversation I started with my dad and my brother as a youngster, the chat with Ollie in that summer pub. The narrative of United will go on, whatever the format.

Thanks for reading.


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